FAQs for Responses and Alerts

All FAQs that deal with responses and alerts!

When will I see the bulk of my responses?

According to our internal statistics, most of the responses will occur within 3-5 days of mailing, usually about 54% of the responses will occur during this time period. 

What email address do the alert emails come from?

The alert emails come from alerts@enthusem.com so be sure to add it to your whitelist!!

I'm not getting my alert emails.

Have you tried updating your account information and making sure your e-mail address, information, and settings are set up correctly. To double check click on the photo icon at the upper right corner of the page and click on Profile and Settings. Also, check your spam filter and add alerts@enthusem.com to your safe list!

Can the alert emails go to multiple email addresses?

They sure can!

The email address that sent the card will always get an email alert when a recipient enters their pickup code. To add additional emails:

Go to the photo icon at the top right corner of the page and click on Settings>Email Alerts

Enter up to 10 email addresses, separated by commas

Click Save Changes

Now the account user, plus these email addresses will receive an email alert each time a recipient enters their pickup code.

Where can I get a detailed list of everyone that’s picked up their attachment?

Want to do a little reporting huh? We capture all of this information and let you export it to make it real easy for you to slice and dice. Go to Reports<Mailing History and click the number in the month you want to capture your report. Click the “Export to CSV” link. This gives you a list of everyone you’ve mailed to along with their response history within the month you have clicked into.

If you are the admin you can change the dropdown box from your email address to “All Users” and follow the previous steps.

Can I get Enthusem response alerts as text messages?

You sure can! To do this, you have to figure out what your phone's text email address is. It's different for each phone provider, the chart below should help with some of the more popular ones. Enter your text email address into your Enthusem account Settings>Email Alerts.

Provider Example
 AT&T 5555555555@mms.att.net
 Verizon 5555555555@vtext.com
 Sprint 5555555555@messaging.sprintpcs.com 
 T-Mobile 5555555555@tmomail.net

Simply swap out 5555555555 with your phone number!

If your provider isn't listed above, simply send a text message to your regular email address. When you get the email, look at the 'from' and that will show you the text email address for your mobile device!

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