FAQs for Sending Cards

  All FAQs that deal with sending cards!

  • Can I mail Enthusem cards outside the US?

Yes you can! If you're uploading your list, you'll just need to include the two digit country code or if you're mailing individually, you can select the country from the dropdown box. It will cost you 4 credits (instead of the usual 3 credits) to mail internationally and this to cover the additional postage.

  • Can I cancel a card after I’ve clicked send?

You sure can! As long as the post office hasn’t carried it away yet that is. Go to Reports>Mailing History and click the number in the month that you have scheduled the card to mail. Look for the recipient you would like to cancel. If you look all the way to the right you will see an “X” icon. Click on that icon and it will delete the card. Credits for the card will be issued back to your account.

  • What are the days I can schedule a card to mail?

There are three days out of the week you can schedule a card to mail: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Keep in mind that the cards need 1 day at the printers prior to mailing. The chart below helps demonstrate how the mailing days work. However, you are always able to schedule cards to mail in advance, this chart just shows next available mailing date.

Day of the week Available Mail Date
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Following Monday
Thursday Following Monday
Friday Following Wednesday



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