Pickup/Landing Page Template in ASP.NET

We have a provided you with a simple pickup and landing page template done in ASP.NET Razor. Please note that you must be or have access to a developer familiar with this programming language to use the template. We're happy to help with basic questions about using the template but can't provide support on HTML, ASP.NET or Razor...we hope you understand!

Breaking down the contents of the template:

  • default.cshtml - this is the pickup page, where the recipient enters their pickup code
  • scheduler/default.cshtml - this is the scheduling form. If someone fills out the scheduling form, the page calls scheduler/confirm.cshtml which sends an email with the form results. If the user hits the opt out button, it calls scheduler/remove.cshtml, also emailing results.
  • scheduler.confirm.cshtml & remove.cshtml - you must configure your email client on this page and set who you would like to receive the emails
If you would like a custom pickup page built, please contact support@enthusem.com and we'd be happy to put together a quote for you!
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