Magnifying Glass

Description Using a magnifying glass to "enlarge" the logo.
Usage Prospecting
How to Create the Image

Use the PSD file attached to this article as a template to modify the image to fit your needs. Note, we don't recommend moving any of the locked files as they are placed to fit the template, however you are free to modify them otherwise. Then save as a png file.

Note: The above image has watermarks and you will need to purchase the image at the link below. When you purchase the image you can swap out the watermark image with the purchased image.

How to Use in Enthusem
  1. Create a Mailer Template in Enthusem
  2. Choose Website Screenshot as the Image Source
  3. Choose Specify a URL in the dropdown box
      1. Note: if you a profile image instead of a company logo you will need to change %companylogo% to %profileimage% in the url.
  4. Upload your PNG file as the Overlay
  5. Click Continue
Required Fields

Website URL or Email

Note Always be sure to proof your Mailer Template prior to using it live for the first time.
Stock Photo License Needed Magnifying Glass
Disclaimer This is art created by Enthusem. Use of this image is permitted only with Enthusem mailers. Any other use is strictly prohibited. If a stock photo is needed for this template, you are responsible for obtaining a license for it and abiding by the terms of conditions set by the license details. Enthusem is not responsible if you use the stock photo without a license or don't follow the terms of the license.
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