10/27/16: Track Average Time to Respond

You can now track the Average Time to Respond for mailers. This is helpful information to know so you can anticipate when future mailers will hit and ensure you are properly staffed to handle responses.

A longer Average Time to Respond may suggest that your cards are providing too much information and not sparking enough curiosity. So you have a benchmark, the Average Time to Respond on our own internal marketing is 10 days.

The Average Time to Respond is calculated as the number of days between the Mail Date and the First Response Date for all mailers that have a response for the filtered list in your Mailing History.

To view your Average Time to Respond:

  • Go to Reports>Mailing History
  • Click the number under Mailed in any given month
  • If you'd like, set Filter Options
  • You'll see "Avg Days to Rsp"

Note: this isn't an exact science and doesn't guarantee that all mailers will have the same Average Time to Respond. There is a variance in the amount of time the post office takes to deliver mail. While the average time is 3-4 business days, based on where the recipient is located and where the mail is sent from, the delivery time could be 2 days or it could be longer than 4.

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