The Enthusem Process - Training

This is the Enthusem process from the recipient and sender point of view.

Recipient receives printed card

  • Recipient receives a greeting-card-style-card in the mail
  • It has a personal image on the front
  • Includes sender’s name and contact info in the signature (if this was setup)
  • Card message can/should be personal in nature

Recipient goes online

  • Recipient follows instructions on the inside top panel of the card
  • Visits custom pickup page and enters their unique code that’s printed on the card 

Recipient watches video

  • Recipient watches video 

Sales rep notified

  • When recipient enters their pickup code, sender receives an instant email notification
  • Sender should follow up within 3-5 minutes of receiving the email alert
  • Alerts are from
  • Subject line reads “Enthusem Pickup Alert – [RecipientName] – [RecipientPhone]” 

Recipient Schedules a Meeting

If we set up a video landing page for you, there is an option to have a scheduling form. If this form is used, the following will result.

  • Recipient schedules a meeting using the form on the video landing page
  • This will not happen every time
  • Leads should be followed up on whether or not a meeting was scheduled
  • Sender will receive an email alert if meeting is scheduled
  • Alerts are from
  • Subject line reads “Meeting Request from [RecipientName]” 


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