Video Messages

Our clients have experienced increases in successfully scheduling meetings with prospects by using simple video messages.

You can't get much more personal than recording a video for your prospect. It might sound difficult and cumbersome but, trust us, the short amount of time it takes you to record a personal video is WELL worth the effort! There is no need to hire a professional actor or have expensive studio equipment. We have many clients who have had great success using a basic camera and simple message in their video. Keeping the video simple and personal (i.e. having a sales manager be the ‘actor’) comes across as super personal to prospects and shows prospects you have spent the time to send a personal message. Sometimes a professional actor and studio-produced video look too much like a generic TV commercial.

We also recommend keeping your video message short—45-60 seconds should do the trick. There is no need to tell your prospect everything you have to offer in your video. The GOAL of the video is to get your prospect to commit to a meeting with someone from your company. If you tell the prospect too much, you risk not getting them into a meeting. Start using Enthusem to send custom video messages to your prospects!!

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