Upload contacts into Address Book

We make it easy to get all of your contacts into Enthusem to save you time! (watch video) Don't need to upload contacts? Skip ahead to Sending Cards

The best place to start is with an Excel file. If you're using a CRM system ask your Account Manager about integrating your CRM system to Enthusem. Or if you house your contacts in Outlook, there's usually an easy way to export your data into an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Once you get your data in Excel, you'll want to verify that you have the following fields (don't have to be named exactly this): First Name, Last Name, Address1, City, State, Zip, and Country. These are all required Enthusem fields. Optional but important fields to include are: Company, Phone, Email, Website URL, and Title.
  • When you're ready to save, go to File>Save As and select CSV from the dropdown box.

Now, in Enthusem:

  • Go to Tools > Import Contacts
  • Click the Choose File button and locate the CSV file on your computer
  • Click Next
  • Match your fields (in dropdown box) to the Enthusem fields (to the left)
  • Add your contacts to a Mailing List at the top (in dropdown box)
  • When complete, click Next

If you receive an error that says one or more of your contact fields is too long and your list won't upload, review your list and abbreviate the fields that are too long. See the character limits below: 

FirstName - 25
LastName - 25
Organization - 100
Title - 50
Email - 75
Phone - 50
Address1 - 60
Address2 - 60
City - 50
State - 50
Zip - 25
Country - 2

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