Admin Capabilities- Users, Credits & Reporting

If you were the first person to be added to the account you are considered to be the admin on the account. As an admin you are able to have more control over the account then other users like adding users, assigning credits, and look at others reports.

To add a user to your account:

  • Go to Admin>Add User.
  • You must enter the new user's first name and email address (check the admin box if you would like the user to be an admin with you on the account)
  • Once finished click Add User. 

 Assign & remove credits to/from a user

  • To assign credits to a user go to Admin>User credits. 
  • Use the first dropdown boxe to choice if you want to either assign or remove credits
  • Put how many credits you would like to either assign or remove 
  • Use the second dropdown box to choose the user and click Assign/Remove Credits

Transfer Credits from one account to another. This option is if you have purchased an additional account.

  • To transfer credits to an account go to Admin>Transfer credits.
  • Put how many credits you would like to transfer
  • Use the dropdown box to pick the account and click Transfer Credits 

For reporting purposes you are able to not only view your mailing history but other users as well.

  • Go to Reports<Mailing History 
  • There will be 2 dropdown boxes: year and account user. This is how you will be able to view other account user's mailing history
  • Click the number in the mailed status to view all of the cards mailed in that month
  • At the top of the page there is a link that will allow you to download a CSV file of the contacts that have been mailed a card. 



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