Creating your card message

You should start brainstorming on what you would like the inside of your cards to say. Every card shouldn't have the same card message, create a variety of different card messages and save them to your account. Here are some questions for you to reflect on when creating your card messages.


Do I say too much?

Make sure your message doesn't give away your whole story. If you tell the prospect everything you have to say in the card, why would they need to talk to you? You don't want them to think they know everything about you and decide not to bother opening your attachment.

Do I say what I do?

In most cases you shouldn't tell the prospect exactly what you do. Hint at a very specific benefit you can provide or some pain points that the prospect is likely experiencing and tell them that you can help them solve it. But DON'T tell them how.

Did I specify a benefit I can provide?

Give them a real reason to want to talk to you. What can you do that would be a benefit to them or their company? (ex. Save time, money...) Try to steer away from things such as "We're really nice." There's nice people down the street at the grocery store, are they saving me money? Usually not.

Did I specify a call to action?

What do you want them to do after they read your message? Help them get to the next step, which in most cases is viewing the online attachment. (ex. Visit and enter your code to view my concept) Don't leave them hanging, make sure you tell them what to do so they don't just put your card down.

Does the message feel personal?

If you received this message would you feel like a marketing robot generated it? Or does it seem like a friendly message from someone you don't know yet, but sure can't wait to meet? Read it out loud to yourself. If it doesn't sound like something that would come from your mouth then it's probably not personal enough! Find something about them on their website and put that in the message, then they'll know it wasn't generated by a database.

Did I create a sense of urgency?

You don't want them to wait around to open the mailer. You might say something like: "I'll leave the attachment up for a week or two, however if you'd like to view the information after that just call or email." People are born procrastinators...don't fall victim to this. Give them a reason to do it NOW!

Is there anything objectionable?

A printed mailer is just that, a tangible object. It can't talk back and it definitely can't handle objections. So don't put anything in your message that could be something objectionable. For example in our message we say we have a great way for you to drive more sales. There's no business person in their right mind that could possibly object to that. But if we said we use this great direct mail tool to help you drive could have objected to that. Maybe you just did a generic postcard mailer that netted a 0.01% response rate and no sales or you flat out just don't think it could work - there's no way you're visiting my attachment. By just saying "drive sales" we leave it open. We could be sales training, direct mail, SEO, email marketing, just about anything. Wait until they respond and you actually get to talk to them to tell them what you do so the sales people can handle any objections that might come up

Does the message tie in with the image on the front?

Imagine you've grabbed an interesting photo of something on the recipient's website. Let's say for instance it's the owner speaking at some kind of seminar. Reference it in your card message! (ex. "I recently visited your website and found this great photo of you speaking at the Tampa Technology seminar...") Otherwise it's going to look very random and they're going to wonder why their photo is on there.

Did I give them another option?

Adding something to your message like "I'll leave the message up for about a week so you have a chance to look at it but if you'd still like to see it after then just call or email and I'll send it your way." People would MUCH rather just go online and look at something now than risk having to call or email you to get it later!

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