FAQs for Account & Users

All FAQs pertaining to your Enthusem account and users.


  • There are other people in my office that I’d like to have access to the system, is that possible?

If you have a business account, you can add more users by going to Admin>Add User. Enter the email address and name of the user(s). Your new user(s) will get an email with their temporary password so there’s nothing else you have to do! Create user accounts for people in your company that are planning on creating and mailing out cards . With multiple users in your account you can share your stuff and they can share with you: messages, credits, designs, attachments, etc

  • My sales people are located at different locations; can they all have their own return addresses?

When you add them as a user to the account they are prompted to fill in their specific information (name, address, city, state, and postal code) after accepting the invite. All of the fields are specific to each individual user, not the entire company! Therefore, when your sales people send out cards they will have their own name and return address on the mailer. If a user happens to make a mistake when typing it in the first time or would just like to go back and edit their information, it is possible! Go to the picture icon at the top right corner of the page, click on the go.prospectsmarter.com and choose My Profile>Postal Address. There they will be able to change the postal address for all future cards.

  • I just bought credits from you but I want to assign credits to specific users. How can I do this?

You can assign credits to other users in your account or you can keep them in "Unassigned Credits" so everyone has access. To assign:

Choose Admin>User Credits (only admins can do this function)

Select Assign or Remove from the dropdown box

Type the number of credits to assign or remove

Select the user to assign to or remove from in the dropdown box

Click Assign/Remove Credits button

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