FAQs for Pickup Pages and Attachments

All FAQs pertaining to your Enthusem Pickup pages and Attachments.

  • What’s the difference between a pickup page and an attachment?

Good question!

Pickup pages are where your recipients go to enter their pickup code. We will provide you with a pickup page that will already be in your account. You can view this by going to Admin>Custom Pickup Page. The url that is in the box on that page is what will get printed on the top panel on the inside of the Enthusem cards.

Attachments are what recipients see after they enter their pickup code on the pickup page. The attachment is specified when you place your order from the add attachment dropdown box. Everyone in the order will get the same attachment but will be assigned a different pickup code for tracking purposes.

  • I love your site but I’d prefer my recipients to pick up their attachments somewhere else, like on my site. Is that possible?

It certainly is! Go to Admin>Custom Pickup Page. Grab the code that’s on this page all the way from the <form> tag to the /form> tag. Give this code to your IT department, or if you’re html savvy you can do this yourself. Simply plug the code on whatever page you would like! Once that’s done, enter the URL of the new page in the “Enter URL” box and click “Update.” It’s VERY important that you add the code to your web page first because once you enter the url and click update, the web address that’s printed on the inside, upper panel of your cards will be whatever you typed. If you didn’t add the code to the page, your recipients won’t have anywhere to enter their pickup code! The pickup page will change for all users in your account. 

  • I want to add a custom pickup page but I don't see a link to do this in the dashboard.

If you do not see a link to add your own custom pick up page [or add users] you are probably not set up as an admin. To become an admin on the account, you would need to your photo icon at the top right of the page and click on Manage Accounts. Click on your name and check the box next to the word “Admin?” and click Save Changes.

  • I setup my own custom pickup page but I still see www.enthusem.com on my cards, what did I do wrong?

Once you have set up your own custom pickup page make sure you go in on the dashboard of your Enthusem account and edit your URL. Simply enter the URL of the new page in Admin> Custom Pickup Page.  Enter the new URL in the box provided and click update.

  • How can I test my attachment and/or pickup code?

That's a great question to ask because before you send out your first card or anytime you send a big batch of cards, it's a good idea to test everything to make sure it's working as you expected.

The best thing to do is to just send yourself a card using the design, message and attachment you'll be sending to your recipients. Then, after you click send, you'll see a box appear with the pickup code inside, jot that down. You can also download a PDF version of the card by going to Reports<Mailing History. Click the number in pending in the month you picked to mail the card. You will see below the name of the contact you have mailed the card to. To the far right of the contact name you will see 4 icons. Click the second icon (looks like a piece of paper); the downloading will start to happen.

We don't necessarily recommend waiting for your card to come in the mail to test it. Your pickup code will be live right away so open up the PDF, look at it to make sure the pickup page is correct. Visit the pickup page and type in the pickup code that's shown on your cards. If your attachment loads, then it's working properly!

If your attachment doesn't load, go to Tools>attachment and make sure your attachment is listed there. The double check the URL of the attachment to make sure it is correct.

And don't worry, these tests won't cost you anything if you cancel the mailer. Go to Dashboard>Mailing History and click "Cancel" next to the mailer. We'll refund your credits and won't mail the card to you (so don't be expecting it in your mailbox!). You can test as many times as you need to and as long as you remember to cancel by midnight the day of mailing, it won't cost you anything and your pickup code will continue to work even after you cancel.

Please remember you are responsible for what you mail so it's highly recommended that you test prior to sending out your first cards and anytime you send a batch of cards.

  • My pickup page or attachment looks good on one computer but not on another, what can I do to fix this?

It's difficult to guess how a webpage will look on all computers because there are so many different combinations of operating systems, browsers and screen resolutions that you can use. The best thing to do is to optimize your page for the most popular browser and resolution. You can find current information about browser statistics at http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp

You can also test your page in multiple browsers, without downloading them all. Go to http://browsershots.org/ type in the url of your webpage, select the browsers you'd like to use for the test and it will give you screenshots of what your page looks like in those browsers.

  • Can a pickup code work if I delete the contact from my contact list?

Good question! The answer is no and here is the reason why:

Issue: If you send a mailer, then go in an delete the contact, the pickup code will no longer work. The recipient will see an error message instead of your online attachment if they attempt to enter their pickup code.

Temporary solution: don't delete contacts if you have already sent them a mailer.

  • I used the template and created a new header image. I uploaded it into the system and the image shows under template settings BUT when I create a card and preview it, the image is not there.

Once you select an online attachment for your card your header will appear. If there is no online attachment selected when creating your card the attachment image will not appear.

  • I created my own header image for my cards but when I look at the preview I see two URLs printed, how do I fix that?

It sounds like you have a pickup page url added as part of your header image. Take a look at the image you uploaded as your header and if it has a url on it, remove it, and then re-upload.

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