FAQs for Proofs

All FAQs pertaining to your Enthusem proofs.

  • Why am I having trouble viewing the proof of my card?

 There are two things that may be preventing you from viewing PDF proofs in Enthusem:

 1) Check your pop-up blocker -- If pop-ups are blocked, un-block them when using Enthusem.

 2) To 'View Proof' from the 'Send Card' screen in your Enthusem account, you'll need a PDF add on for your browser. Please note, there is one for each browser (Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). To get this, simply Google "Browser PDF add on" (insert whichever browser you are using where it says 'Browser')... This will take you to a site where you can download the add on. Once you have done that, you should be able to view the PDF proof of your mailer.

3) If all of a sudden, a machine loses the ability to view PDFs through a browser. The cause is always that the machine has run out of space for temporary files. Clearing the browser's cache will resolve the issue. Many machines automatically clear the cache when rebooted, as well. It's an unfortunate scenario, because there's no way to detect that the user didn't actually see the PDF. As far as the web site knows, the user asked for a PDF and the web site returned it successfully. And the user themselves see no actual error message - just an empty screen - leaving them to assume the web site is somehow broken when, in reality, it is their machine. You can try to load a PDF from any other website. If it behaves the same way, my assumption is correct - her machine's temporary file cache is full.

  • Why is my text upside down on the proof?

The proof that you see in Enthusem is actually a high resolution print-ready proof. The reason the text is upside down is that it does actually print upside down so when we fold it, it's right side up on the inside!

You can rotate the pdf by right clicking and selecting rotate.

  • Why doesn't my signature image show up on my proof?

First off, be sure you have a signature image. To do this, go to your photo image at the top right corner of the page and click on Settings>Signature Image. If you see your signature image there, then chances are your image is in CMYK format but not on your proof. Open your image in a photo editor and change from CMYK to RGB. If you do not see your signature image then you can re-upload it or create one using the signature generator by clicking the blue link that says “click here”. 

  • Why doesn’t my pickup page url show up on my proof?

This happens when you don’t attach your online attachment to your card. To attach it, you will need to exit out of the view proof pdf and go back to the Send Mailer page. Click on the dropdown box below Online Attachment and choose your attachment and click on it. 

  • When I look at my proof why does it say ABC123 for the pickup code?

When looking at your proof you will always see ABC123 as the pickup code for the purpose of placement. This is not the live code; the actual code is created after you click send.

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