FAQs for Card Messages

All FAQs that deal with card messages!

  • How long can my card message be?

Your message can be a total number of 1024 characters including any variable text. The message will dynamically shrink to fit the available space.

  • How can I personalize my card message templates?

We make it super simple for you to add personalization, whether you’re mailing to an entire group of people or you just want to add it to your message template to make it easier to send cards one at a time. When you’re typing your message, simply add any of the three variables: [FirstName] [LastName] [Company] [External Key] [Custom1] [Custom2] [Custom3] [Custom4] [Custom5] or [Custom6] but be VERY careful. Variables are case sensitive and do require the brackets [ ] so if you use them, always check your proofs to make sure they’re working correctly!

  • Do you have any examples of message templates if so where can I find them?

We do! We are always testing out new message templates to see what generates the best responses. When we come across a message template that has had success with grabbing peoples attentions we place them in "Message Templates" section. You can locate this in the Help Topics section to the right of your screen --->

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