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First, we’re going to give them some messages templates to choose from when sending a card. Of course Enthusem cards work best when they are truly personal but it’s a great idea to start out with a template…it keeps your marketing consistent and is a huge timesaver for your users so they don’t have to retype similar messages over and over again. When a user selects a message template, they still have the ability to tweak the message to make it personal before sending.

To create a message template:

  • Go to Dashboard>Message Templates
  • Type in a Template Name. This is for internal use only, it will help your users to identify the template without having to read the message. Ideas include: “After a sales call,” “Thank You After Demo,” “General Prospecting,” or “Don’t forget to Renew.” (watch video)
  • Use the Insert Variable box (watch video) to include the recipient’s name or company name in the message. It’s important to never change the format of the variable, it should always be [FirstName] [LastName] or [Company]. If you change the format of the variable, you run the risk of the system not automatically replacing the data and you would have something like Hi [First name] in your mailers…not too professional. The variables are helpful for a couple of reasons. First, they save the user time so they don’t have to type the recipient’s name, it also saves them the embarrassment of mistyping the recipient’s name and enables group mailings to be personalized.
  • Type your message in the box as you would like it to appear on the cards.
  • If you would like to share the message with other users in the account, check the box and click Add.
  • At this time you cannot edit and save a message template. If you need to make a change, simply click the name of the template, copy the message, delete the old template and create a new one.

Next, let’s add some attachments! (watch video) Online attachments make your cards interactive and engaging for the recipient and measurable for you. We recommend all cards should use an online attachment to ensure you (and your recipients) are getting the most of Enthusem. Attachments are “picked up” by the recipient by visiting a pickup page and entering a pickup code (both are automatically printed on the inside top panel of Enthusem cards when an attachment is selected).

There are several things you could use for attachments, here are a few suggestions: virtual catalogs, sales proposals, YouTube videos, commercials, blog posts, podcasts, PDF brochures, Twitter page, Facebook Fan Page, whitepapers, newsarticles, demo videos, scheduling pages…the possibilities go on and on…

Here’s how you can prefill your users’ accounts with attachments:

  • Go to Dashboard>Manage Attachments
  • Type in an Attachment Name. This is for internal use only, it will help your users to identify the attachment without the need to view it.
  • Select the Attachment Type
    • Document
      • a file that you would upload from your local computer
      • Includes but isn’t limited to: PDF, video, mp3 files, images
      • Select the file from your computer and click upload
      • We will host the file for you
  • URL
    • the file is already hosted on the web, your users can be redirected to it after entering their pickup code.
    • Includes but isn’t limited to: YouTube videos, a page on your website, PDF files that are hosted on your website, news articles from online sources.
    • Type the full Wepage URL
    • If you would like to share the attachment with other users in the account, check the box and click Upload (if type is document) or Add Webpage (if type is URL).

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