Sending Cards

Whether you're mailing to one person or a group of people, it takes less than a minute to send an Enthusem card! (watch video)

  • Go to Send Mailer
  • First step is to put in the Recipient(s) information:
    • Type recipient contact info into the available fields -or-
    • Click the address book icon (located on the upper right corner of the recipient info box) and select a recipient -or-
    • Click the address book icon and select a group from the dropdown box -or-
    • Recipients can also be sent to your address book by using our or Outlook plugins
  • Select or type your message
    • If you or your admin has already added message templates, you can select one from the dropdown box that says templates.  -or-
    • Type a message in the large message box
    • You can change fonts by selecting a font from the dropdown box
    • You can insert variables that will grab the information from your recipient info (e.g. First Name) into your message by clicking on the dropdown box that says Insert Variable. 
    • If you like the message you wrote, you can save it for future use by clicking the little blue square with a white plus sign in the middle. CAUTION: if you save your message, be sure that you used a variable for the first name (watch video).
  • Choose your image
    • Ensure your image is a jpg (watch video 1) (watch video 2)
    • Click on Change Image
    • Upload an image by clicking on the dropdown next to Image Source>Upload
    • Choose the image from your file
    • Your image will appear in a box...If your image isn't exact size, use the crop tool at the bottom to resize. Re-position the image by clicking on it. (watch video)
    • Click on Save Image 
    • Click on the image you have just uploaded/saved 
  • Select or add an attachment
    • If you or your admin has already added attachments, you can select one from the dropdown box 
    • To add a new attachment, click the little blue square with a white plus sign in the middle next to Online Attachment.
    • Select the Attachment Type
      • Document
        • A file that you upload from your local computer
        • Includes but isn't limited to PDF, video, mp3 files, images
        • Click Browse and select the file from your computer then click upload
        • We will host the file for you
      • Existing Webpage
        • The file is already hosted on the web, your users can be redirected to it after entering their pickup code
        • Includes but isn't limited to: YouTube videos, a page on your website, PDF files that are hosted on your website, news articles from online sources
        • Type the full web page URL
        • Click Add Webpage
    • Select the mail date
      • We mail every business day that the post office is open
      • Next available date will be selected (next business day)
      • You select a future date and the card will mail on that day
    • View Proof
      • We recommend that you view proofs at least the first few times you send cards or anytime your admin makes a significant change (new pickup page url, new custom header or footer, etc).
      • The proof will ALWAYS show ABC123 as the pickup code. This is not a "live" code and will not work. The code is generated after you click "Send"
    • Click SEND!
    • We will print it, put postage on it and drop it in the mailbox.
    • Sit back and wait for your responses to flow in!

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