Mailing History

The Mailing History is a list of everyone the user has ever mailed to. Go to Dashboard>Mailing History, this page shows you:

  • Recipient Name: if you click on it, you'll see recipient details
  • Mail Date: the date selected by the user during the order process. This is the date the card will actually mail
  • Order Date: the date the order was placed
  • Mail No: this is the mailer number for the card. If you need to contact support regarding an order, you would reference this number. If you click on it, you'll see a high resolution PDF proof of the mailer
  • Attachment: if you click the link, it will show you the attachment that was selected for this mailer
  • Status: will be one of the following:
    • Processing: the order has not been printed yet, can still cancel or make changes. An order is generally still Processing up until around 10am the day of mailing.
    • Mailed: the order has already been printed, no changes or cancellations can be made.
    • Canceled: the user has canceled the order, the card will not be mailed
  • Last Response: the last time the recipient entered their pickup code for that mailer
  • Cancel: if the mailer is still processing, it can still be canceled and the credits will be refunded to your account
  • Modify: if the mailer is still processing, you can modify the message or attachment for the mailer
  • Export: you can export the entire mailing history into an Excel spreadsheet so you can upload into your CRM system or get detailed reporting

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