8/4/15 - Added New Variable Field

A new variable field has been added to the message templates so you can further personalize mass mailings.

Example Use Cases

  • You are a car dealership and you want to include the Make, Model, Year of the recipient's car in the mailings. You would add text such as "2012 Honda Accord" to the "ExternalKey" field for one contact, "2014 Hyundai Sonata" for the next and so on.
  • You want to address the recipient more formally in the message greeting. You could include their prefix in the "ExternalKey" field. such as Mr., Mrs. or Miss. The message template would look like this [ExternalKey] [FirstName] [LastName].
  • You're mailing to customers and want to mention a product or service they've already purchased. You can include the name of the product or service in the "ExternalKey" field and reference that in the card message.

How to Use

The field is called "External Key" and in order to use it, you must have information in the External Key field for the contact. You can include this information when you add a contact one at a time or when you upload.

When you create a message template simply choose "External Key" from the dropdown box as shown below. The information provided in the External Key field for the contact will populate in its place when you send a mailer.


Important: if there is no information in the External Key field for a contact, the token will render as a blank space.

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