9/1/16: Mailer Series Templates

The "Mailer Series" functionality allows you to schedule a series of mailers as easily as scheduling just one, keeping you top of mind with your best prospects. To use this functionality:

  • Setup a Mailer Template for each mailer in the series
  • Go to Tools>Mailer Series Templates
  • Click "Add  a New Template"
  • Name your series (this is just for you)
  • Choose the first mailer template from the dropdown box.
    • The first mailer will always default to "Mail in 0 Days" meaning, it will mail on the date you select during the order process.
  • Choose the next template in your series from the dropdown box. 
    • Select the number of days after the Initial mail date you want this card to drop. (Note: since Enthusem doesn't mail every day, there may be a few days variance in the actual mail date)
  • Repeat for each Mailer Template
  • Click "Add Mailer Series Template"
  • "Send Mailer" as usual, however you can select the "Mailer Template" from the dropdown box
    • This will automatically schedule all mailers in the series, based on the timeframes you originally selected in the "Mailer Series Template"

Note: the "Mail in X Days" is always relative to the date you schedule the first mailer to go out.

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