Header/Attachment Image Template

You can create your own header image in Enthusem using the header image generator but if you'd like something a little more custom, you can use the templates attached to this article and the instructions below!

There will automatically be a header image located in your Enthusem account (it says "Online Attachment"... "Pickup Code"...). If you'd like to make changes to that, you can use the attached templates. Once you've created your image, save it as a JPG and upload it into your account (Settings --> Attachment Image)

There are instructions inside the template on how to line up your image and text so it doesn't interfere with the pickup page and pickup code that will dynamically be printed by Enthusem. The image will be centered on the inside top panel of the card and have a white margin around it, the image will not bleed to the edge.

IMPORTANT: Delete or turn off the layers that include the pickup url and pickup code. They are for placement purposes only and should not be included in your final jpg image. Enthusem will automatically print this information based on your account settings.  It is always recommended that you preview your Enthusem cards prior to sending to ensure that the image is lined up as you intended and the text is falling into place onto your image as you wish. You are responsible for using this template correctly should you decide to do so however please feel free to contact support with any questions.

If you have QR codes enabled in your account, please use the template named QR-template.psd.

NOTE: As long as you have a header image uploaded in your Enthusem account, it will always be used on that user's account automatically. 

If you do not have Photoshop, there is also a template included below named "attachment-template-flat.jpg" You can place this jpg into many graphic design programs for placement purposes so you can overlay your text and/or graphics on top. Do not put any text or graphics in the gray areas as that will interfere with the pickup page url and the pickup code that will automatically be printed. Once you have designed your header image, you'll want to delete this template from the background and save your image as a jpg.

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