Haven't connected yet

Sometimes a recipient will show interest by responding to the first Enthusem card you sent them but you aren't always able to connect with to take the next step. This message will get them re-engaged and hopefully get you to the next step. Please note to swap out text based on the content of your attachment.


Hi [FirstName],

I see you received the other card I sent you and you went online to view the video.

Unfortunately we haven't been able to connect so I thought I'd send you another card in hopes of catching your attention again.

I have some very specific ideas on how we can leverage the current marketing efforts you already have in place for along with a new twist on traditional marketing and social media to help you increase sales.

I left my original video along with a scheduling page online, you can view it using the info above. Please visit the page and schedule a time that's convenient or simply click the button to let me know if you're not interested.

If there is someone else in your office I should be talking to, please feel free to pass along the card to them and I'd be happy to follow up with them!


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