Following you on Social Media

Getting noticed on social media is pretty tough. This message will help you cut through the clutter and hopefully get you the follow you've been looking for! Use a screenshot of their social media page. If that's not do-able, there are several images in the Enthusem library under the "Social" category you can use. Be sure to swap out the text below based on your social media content. The example below is tailored towards Twitter.

- - - -

Hi [FirstName],

I recently came across your Twitter page and found your content interesting so I thought I'd follow you!

I think you might be interested in some of my tweets as well so I wanted to connect with you and point you to my Twitter page. I regularly tweet some pretty cool articles, videos and  retweet some great content about technology, marketing and social media.

I made it real easy to follow me, just visit the page above and enter your code to follow me now!


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