Shared contacts on LinkedIN

This message template is a great way to introduce yourself to a new prospect by showing that you have shared contacts on LinkedIN. It boosts the personal feel of the card and shows that you really visited their LinkedIN page. This could work well if you also attempted to get introduced to them on LinkedIN via the contact.

A great image to use on the front of the card is a screenshot of the recipient's LinkedIN page.


Hi [FirstName],

We have some common connections on LinkedIn. I came across your profile today, checked out your site and had an idea that could be an incredible way for your company to drive more sales.

I know you're probably super busy so I posted my concept online for you to look at when you have a minute. You can check it out by visiting your pickup page url) and entering the code above. I really think this idea will work extremely well for you; but of course, you'll be the final judge.

I'll take down the information I put online after a week or so. But, if you want to see it again after that, just email or call and I'll send it your way.

I look forward to hearing what you think and talking further.


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