How to Use a Variable YouTube Video

If we have setup a landing page for you with variable YouTube video functionality, follow the instructions below on how to easily create new Enthusem attachments with different YouTube videos. View a video of this process.

This is an example of a base URL (your URL would have been provided to you by us)[FirstName]&LastName=[LastName]&Phone=[Phone]&Company=[Organization]&Video=[youtubeidgoeshere]&

Where you see Video=youtubeID you simply replace youtubeID with the ID of the YouTube video and it will pull the video into the page.

Here's how to make it specific to your company


Replace the " " of the base URL with your company pick up page URL " "

Here's how you get the YouTube ID

When you're on the video in YouTube, look up at the url, it will look like this: 
The YouTube ID is what comes after the v=


Copy and paste that portion into the url, making sure there are no spaces[FirstName]&LastName=[LastName]&Phone=[Phone]&Company=[Organization]&Video=BpGIHHNFPEc&
Click the link now and you will see a YouTube video pulled in.Screen_Shot_2014-12-16_at_6.57.47_PM.jpg

Next, we'll define who gets the alert email when someone fills out the form and schedules a meeting.

In the URL, simply replace with the rep's email address, again being sure not to leave any spaces. So, for example, this would be yours:[FirstName]&LastName=[LastName]&Phone=[Phone]&Company=[Organization]&Video=BpGIHHNFPEc&


Once you are done adding the video and the email address, simply add the attachment to the appropriate user's account.

You will have a different attachment for every video/email combination and you can have as many as you need, just be sure to name them accordingly in Enthusem so you know which one is which. To do this you will need to go to your Tools>Attachment in your account and at the top click on "Add a new Attachment".

In a nutsell, I'm basically pulling the YouTube ID into the page so it knows which video to show - same with the email address.


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