Video format for custom attachment pages

Many of our clients like to produce their own video and send it over to us to put into a custom page for them (interested? email us at

Here are the specs for the video file:

  • 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall (please make the video exactly this size as this is what the template allows)
  • H.264 / mp4 format
  • File size should be less than 20 MB

If you would like us to host the video for you, please send the file via a service like YouSendIt to ensure deliverability due to file sizes. If you would like to host the video yourself, please send us a link to where the video is located. You can also host the video on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video hosting service.

Please note: it is not recommended to upload a video file directly into Enthusem. This will result in unpredictable results for the recipient and, in most cases, will ask the recipient to download the video file it will likely NOT play directly in a browser. Videos must be embedded into a page for the most predictable result.

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