How to use the screenshot feature for my images

1. Make sure your list is formatted correctly by looking at the attachment

2. Create a Mailing List: Tools<Mailing List< Add New Mailing List< Name it and click add
3. Upload list: Tools<Import Contacts< Choose File< Make sure the fields match up... DONT FORGET THE LAST DROP DOWN THAT SAYS "ADD TO MAILING LIST"
4. Once you have finished uploading your contacts you will go to Send Mailer
5. For the receipts area click on the little people icon, this is your address book 
6. From there you will chose the drop down that says "All contacts" and choose the name of your mailing List
7. Click on the button on the bottom left that says "Mail Entire Group"
8. Now click on the "Change Image" button
9. Click on the Favorite drop down menu and choose "Website Screenshot Beta"
10. Create your message
11. Add your attachment
12. Click send
13. Click the button that says review batch (You will have to refresh the page to have the information update)
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