Real Estate Agents

Enthusem cards are perfect for Real Estate Agents! We have several of them using the system now and here are a couple examples of what they are doing:

  • After selling a house, they mail an Enthusem card to others in the neighbhorhood.
    • Upload a photo of the house you sold as the front of your card
    • Write some copy that's along the lines of  "I'm selling houses in your neighborhood! In fact, I just sold your neighbor's house for $xx,xxx and I can sell yours too if you're ready!"
    • Then maybe you can attach a CMA of their own house
    • When they view the CMA, immediately call them to set up an appointment.
  • Send a card to a client when you find a listing they might be interested in
    • Use a photo of the listing as the front of the Enthusem card
    • Write a personal message on the inside saying, "I know how important a theater room and a third card garage is for you, I found the perfect house!" Something very specific to what they were looking for.
    • Use a virtual tour of the house as an attachment.
    • When they pickup their attachment, call right away to set up a showing.
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