Holiday Cards

A great way to tell your clients happy holidays is a crafted Enthusem card. We have a variety of Holiday images located in your Enthusem library.  We even offer Holiday videos that you can attach to your cards, ask your account coordinator if interested. 

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Don't forget about Mothers day! Remember when you were little? You’d spend hours making your mom a card...cutting out construction paper flowers to glue on it and on the inside, you’d say something like “I love you, you’re the best Mommy ever!”

As you got older, your card giving habits changed. Maybe you’re one of those people that look at looks at 25 cards...but none of them are REALLY what you want to say but you grab one anyway. Or maybe you run into the store last minute and grab the first one you read. Your mom deserves more than that! Go back to your kindergarten days...MAKE your mom an Enthusem card with a personal image, message and video attachment...she’s earned it! 

Learn how to do it!

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