Turning a bad situation into a SALE!

The McPherson Companies

Rodney Holland and Dawn Draiss took a customer to lunch one afternoon to talk with them about purchasing fixed fuel contracts. While they were having their business lunch about the fixed fuel contracts, Rodney had a wheel lock put on his car. The prospect rode to lunch with Rodney and Dawn so when they finished their lunch and got to Rodney’s car they all got a big laugh out of the fact he had a wheel lock put on his car.

Since “Enthusem” was such a new program we were using, Rodney sent the prospect a very memorable card upon his return from lunch that read, “’Wheel lock’ in your fuel pricing when you are ready!” with a picture of a car with a wheel lock on the front of the card. It’s ways like this that using our new “Enthusem” program will help our sales professionals gain and maintain opportunities with our customers and prospects. The customer ended up buying!

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