Salesforce Integration Setup (Responses)

This video will walk you through the steps to integrate your Salesforce account with Enthusem to automate your direct mail responses. 


If if you'd prefer, here's written documentation:
(Click on the video player icons  to see a walkthrough for that step)

  • Create a picklist field in Salesforce 
  • Connect Salesforce + Enthusem Accounts 
    • Go to Salesforce Pickups Settings in Enthusem 
      • Click Validate Credentials
        • This will open an OAuth window
      • Map Update Fields - After a contact enters their Access Code, Enthusem can trigger a field update in Salesforce. This step defines what the field is and what the new value should be. (Optional)
        • In Field, choose the field you'd like to update. 
        • In Existing Values, select values
          • Enthusem will only change the value of a Contact if their current picklist value is one that is selected.
        • In Update Value, choose the value you would like the contact updated to when they respond.
      • Click Save + Enable
  • Note: In order for this integration to work, your Enthusem contact must have a Salesforce LeadId or ContactId value in the ExternalId field. If you are triggering mailers from a workflow, this value is being passed automatically. If you are manually sending from Enthusem, first import your list into Salesforce, then export it with the LeadId or ContactId. When you import into Enthusem, be sure to map this field to the ExternalId.
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