Troubleshooting the SugarCRM Integration

  • A mailer triggered but it was the wrong Mailer Template
    • Go to SugarCRM Integration Settings in Enthusem
    • Under Mailer Template Configuration choose the Mailer Template that is being triggered (be sure to choose correctly under Contact or Lead, whichever you are attempting to trigger). Verify the Field Values. If they are incorrect, remove them here and add the correct Field Values to the correct Mailer Template
    • in SugarCRM, go to Admin>Web Logic Hooks and select the hook you are working with. Verify you are using the correct Mailer Template Postback URL 
  • My mailer didn't trigger at all
    • View the article SugarCRM + Enthusem Integration Setup to ensure it is setup properly
    • Verify that the Contact or Lead you are using for testing meets the following criteria:
      • There are values in the First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State and Zip fields
      • If you are using a Mailer Template that requires it, also Website or Email Address
      • The Contact or Lead is Assigned to a SugarCRM user that is mapped to an Enthusem user in the SugarCRM Integration Settings in Enthusem 
    • Verify that the Enthusem User you are trying to send mailers from has Available Credits in their Enthusem account.
    • If your Mailer Template Design uses a variable profile image, logo or website screenshot it could be that the Contact or Lead you are testing doesn't have an image match. Try testing with as the email address or as the website domain. Also be sure to setup a Backup Template for your Mailer Template to catch any of these when you start mailing live cards.
    • Wait a little while and check your Mailing History again. Your mailers are put into a queue and the length of time it takes for the card to mail depends upon how far down the queue you are.
  • The response didn't post to SugarCRM
    • Verify that the Lead or Contact is currently in the value selected in the Existing Values list in the SugarCRM Integration Settings in Enthusem 
  • The response changed the wrong field or value
  • The Access Code or Mail Date aren't posting back to SugarCRM
    • Verify that you have mapped the Update Lead Fields or Update Contact Fields properly in the in the SugarCRM Integration Settings in Enthusem 
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