SugarCRM + Enthusem Integration Setup

This video will walk you through the steps to integrate your SugarCRM account with Enthusem to automate your direct mail and track responses. 


If if you'd prefer, here's written documentation:
(Click on the video player icons  to see a walkthrough for that step)

  • Make sure you have an Enthusem Mailer Template setup 
  • Connect SugarCRM + Enthusem Accounts 
    • Go to SugarCRM Integration Settings in Enthusem
    • Enter your SugarCRM URL and Credentials
    • Enter your Consumer Key & Consumer Secret from SugarCRM 
      • Found in Admin Settings>OAuth Keys in your SugarCRM Account 
    • Map SugarCRM Users to Enthusem Users 
    • Map fields for Contacts, Leads or Both 
      • Map Mail Date & Pickup Code Fields - After a card is mailed Enthusem will push this data back to SugarCRM. This step maps those fields between the 2 systems (Optional)
        • If you want to use these fields, please create a date field for Mail Date and a text field for Access Code in SugarCRM.
      • Map Update Fields - After a contact enters their Access Code, Enthusem can trigger a field update in SugarCRM. This step defines what the field is and what the new value should be. (Optional)
        • In Field, choose the field you'd like to update.
        • In Existing Values, copy & paste the exact values of the picklist field from SugarCRM
          • Enthusem will only change the value of a Contact if their current picklist value is one that has a checkmark.
        • In Update Value, choose the value you would like the contact updated to when they respond.
    • Configure Mailer Templates 
      • Choose a Mailer Template (for a Lead or Contact)
      • Select the field & value from SugarCRM that will trigger that Mailer Template
      • Repeat this process for as many Mailer Templates as you'd like to setup for Leads, Contacts or both)
    • Click Save + Enable
  • Create a new Web Logic Hook in SugarCRM 
    (This will be used to tell Enthusem what Mailer Template to send on the SugarCRM side)
    • In SugarCRM, go to Admin>Web Logic Hooks>Create
    • Enter the Mailer Template Postback URL in the URL box
      • This URL is found in Enthusem, go to your Mailer Template and click Integration Info 
    • Trigger Event = After Save
    • Module Name = Either Lead or Contact
    • Request Method = Post
    • Click Save
    • Repeat this process for every Mailer Template you have setup
  • Test a Lead or Contact by entering them into the value you chose to trigger the Mailer Template 
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