Sending Response Alerts to Slack

Slack is a great tool for business communication so it makes sense to also send your Enthusem Response Alerts

This video will walk you through setting Slack up for Enthusem Response Alerts.


If you'd prefer, here's written documentation:
(Click on the video player icons  to see a walkthrough for that step)

In Slack 

  • If you need to, create a new Slack Channel (or use an existing one) 
  • Go to Apps & Integration Settings>Manage 
  • Choose the Email App
    • If you don't already have the Email Integration setup for slack, you click here to install
  • Click Add Configuration
  • Choose the Channel you'd like to post Enthusem Alerts to
    • You can also add a new Channel here
  • Click Add Email Integration
  • Copy the Email Address that Slack generates

In Enthusem 

  • Go to Settings>Email Alerts 
  • Add the Email Address from Slack as an additional Email Alert Recipient
  • Repeat for each Enthusem User, as needed
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