Follow Up Emails

One great way to get even more out your Enthusem mailers and boost response rates is to follow up a mailer with a simple email. All you want to do with the email is check in and make sure they got the card and give them a way to view their online attachment via email. It should be 'from' the same person that sent the mailer and feel like it's a personal email. Schedule this email to send 5-7 days after the Enthusem Mail Date IF the contact has not responded yet.

Something like this has proven to work well:



I sent you a card in the postal mail, it had a picture on the front that I'm sure you couldn't miss. 
I'm not sure if it made it to your desk yet or if someone else at {!Account.Name} may have gotten their hands on it first but I wanted to share a quick video that I recorded just for you, it explains why I reached out. 
You can click here to view it now or visit and enter code {!Lead.Access_Code__c}. 
Note: be sure swap out the personalization tokens with the appropriate tokens from your own CRM, marketing automation or email software.
Also, replace with your own access page. The url behind the 'click here' is{!Lead.Access_Code__c} Again, make sure to replace the token for AccessCode with the correct one from your system.
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