5/1/17 In Beta: Ringback Functionality

Enthusem can now ring your phone when a recipient goes online and enters their Access Code! If you are interested in Beta testing this new functionality for no additional charge, please submit a support ticket so we can turn this feature on for you.

Once we've turned on the feature for your account, here's how it works!

  • A recipient goes online, enters their code and views their attachment as usual
  • ~3 minutes later, the sender's phone will ring
    • This is the phone number on the Sender's Enthusem Account under Basic Info
  • When the sender picks up the phone, they will hear a recording, telling them the name of the lead, their company name and the attachment they are currently viewing.
  • After a brief pause, the sender will be connected with the recipient, using the phone number listed on the recipient record in Enthusem
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