5/1/17: Pulling a Mailer Design into HTML

You'd use this strategy to Send Follow Up Emails to Increase Engagement

Here's how to pull the Mailer Image into your HTML:

  • If using HubSpot:
    • Add a new Property in HubSpot called "EnthusemDesignId"
    • Go to HubSpot Mailers Integration in Enthusem
    • Map the Property you added in HubSpot to the "Design Id" field in Enthusem, click Save + Enable
    • Create an Email in HubSpot and where you'd like to include the variable Mailer Image.
    • Edit the Source Code for the module where you'd like to include the variable image
    • Enter <img src="http://app.enthusem.com/_design_/{{contact.enthusemdesignid}}"> in your HTML where you'd like the variable image to populate.
    • Test by sending an Enthusem Mailer through your HubSpot Integration
  • If using MailChimp:
    • Go to Reports>Mailing History>Click under the month to see your Mailer List
    • Export to CSV
    • In the HTML insert <img src="http://app.enthusem.com/_design_/*|MMERGE15|*"> where MMERGE15 is the name of your DesignId field

If you are using anything other than HubSpot or MailChimp, simply insert<img src="http://app.enthusem.com/_design_/[EnthusemDesignId]"> into your HTML, swapping [EnthusemDesignId] for your variable field.

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