Using Your Own Printer

Enthusem has a network of print vendors that will be used by default when you use the Enthusem software, however if you are a printer or have a print relationship you can print on your own!

Requirements to print on your own:

  • Enthusem Enterprise Level Account
  • Credits for Digital Features available in your Enthusem account
  • A printer with a digital press & postal indicia
  • Send the PDF that's attached to this article to your printer to ensure they can print it

Here's what Enthusem will do:

  • Combine all mailers that are scheduled for accounts associated to your printer
  • Presort & generate postal paperwork
  • Compose a PDF file, in presort order, with all mailers for that day
  • Post the PDF file to an FTP site

Your printer will need to:

  • Decide the day of the week and frequency they can commit to mailing
    • For example:
      • Every weekday
      • Every Friday
      • Every other Friday, etc
  • Download the print ready file down from an FTP site
  • Print the PDF file on a digital press
    • Traditional Enthusem self mailer size
      • Flat file is 5.7" wide by 8.693" tall
      • Includes .125" bleed on all sides 
    • Trim off .125" bleed
  • Add tabs or glue to comply with postal guidelines
  • Prepare the mail for the post office, keeping it in sort order
  • Deliver mail to the local BMEU in the city of your postal permit

If you are ready to get started, submit a support ticket with the following info:

  • The company name on your Enthusem account
  • Printer's information
    • CAPS account number
    • Postal permit number & city, state of the permit
    • Address of the BMEU where the mail will be dropped
    • Name & address of the print house that will be doing fulfillment
    • Contact name, phone number and email address of a contact at the print house
  • Specify First Class or Standard Postage
  • Schedule that the printer has agreed to for mailing
  • Format of the mailer (if a format other than the traditional Enthusem self mailer, custom layout fees may apply. Please contact your Account Manager for details.)
  • Confirmation that a test run has been completed using the PDF file attached to this article
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