Mailer Template

A mailer template is the corporation of the card design, card message and online attachment. Setting up a mailer template in your account can save you time when mailing cards out of your account, it is also necessary if you are mailing cards through an integration. All clients receive 5 complimentary mailer templates: Badge, Billboard, iMac, iPad, and Thank You. Most of these templates include a backup just in case the first variable doesn't pull in it will default to one of its backup templates until a card is mailed, this ensures that a card is sent to the recipient.

To find your list of Mailer Templates

  • Go to Tools<Templates
  • Mailers section

To add a new Mailer Template

  • Go to Tools<Templates
  • Mailers section
  • Click "Add a new template"
  • Name the new template
  • Choose your online attachment or record a new one
  • Place your design (If this design incorporates a static image and a variable image please let your account manager know)
  • Either type your card message or choose one from message templates
  • Click "Add Mailer Template"




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