Marketo Integration Setup

This article will walk you through setting up the Marketo<->Enthusem Integration or watch the video below to see the setup in action!

Before you get started

  • Make sure you have admin access to your Enthusem and Marketo accounts
  • Have some familiarity with Marketo Smart Campaigns
  • Have at least one Mailer Template in Enthusem
  • Create the following Fields in Marketo
    • Enthusem Mail Date (type = date)
    • Enthusem Access Code (type = string)
  • Create the following Activities in Marketo
    • Enthusem Mailer Sent
    • Enthusem Response

Setup an API-Only User in Marketo:

  • Create a Custom Role with the following API-Specific Permissions
    • Read-Write Lead
    • Read-Write Activity
    • Read-Only Sales Person
  • Create a Custom API-Only User and add it to the Custom Role you just created

Connect Accounts:

  • Open Enthusem & Marketo in separate tabs, log into both
  • In Marketo, go to Admin -> Integrations -> Web Services
  • Copy the Endpoint URL under the REST API section
  • In Enthusem , go to the Marketo Integration Settings and paste the Endpoint Url in the URL box
  • In Marketo, go to Admin -> Integrations -> LaunchPoint
  • Create a Service using the API-Only User you created above, click "View Details"

  • Copy/Paste the Client Id into the Client Id box in Enthusem

  • Copy/Paste the Client Secret from Marketo into the Client Secret box in Enthusem

  • In Enthusem
    • Click Validate Credentials
    • Map the following fields under Mailer - Send From:
      • Account User = (the user that you would like to send Enthusem mailers)
      • Mail Date = Enthusem Mail Date
      • Access Code = Enthusem Access Code
      • Activity = Enthusem Mailer Sent
    • Map the following fields under Pickups - Record Activity
      • Activity = Enthusem Response
    • Click Save + Enable
  • In Enthusem, go to the Mailer Template that you'd like to trigger from Marketo
  • Choose your template and click Integration Info, copy the url shown to your clipboard

  • In Marketo
    • Go to Admin -> Webhooks, click New Webhook and enter as follows:
      • Webhook Name = this is for you, recommend naming the same or similar to the Mailer Template
      • URL = paste the url copied above from Enthusem
      • Request Type = POST
      • Template = (copy from below or copy from Enthusem template Integration Info)
          "id": {{lead.Id}},
          "firstName": {{lead.First Name}},
          "lastName": {{lead.Last Name}},
          "title": {{lead.Job Title}},
          "company": {{company.Company Name}},
          "address": {{lead.Address}},
          "city": {{lead.City}},
          "state": {{lead.State}},
          "zip": {{lead.Postal Code}},
          "country": {{lead.Country}},
          "phone": {{lead.Phone Number}},
          "email": {{lead.Email Address}},
          "website": {{company.Website}}
      • Request Token Encoding = JSON
      • Response Type = None
    • Go to or create a Smart Campaign
    • Setup your Smart List however you'd like (this will decide who will get a mailer)
    • Under Flow, choose the Webhook created in the previous step
    • Finish creating your Flow as usual
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